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The Land

Turtleback Mountain looks over the Dragonfly Garden. It's geologic history is one of the oldest in North America.

Turtleback Mountain

Rock has been found on the mountain that originated in ancient Polynesia. We couldn't believe it when we first heard this at a lecture in 1998 on the geology of the islands. However, in September 2007 we saw a television series called "Geologic Journey" presented by the Canadian Broadcasting Company which explained how this could have happened.

Land masses were moving around the planet 65 million years ago, coming together and creating new continents. One of them became North America. The western shoreline in our region used to be where Alberta, Canada is today, but land masses migrating from the Pacific and South Pacific Ocean rammed into it, adding to the continent's shoreline. The power of these collisions was so tremendous that the impact created the Rocky Mountains. Complex rock formations and radical angles of layering can be found throughout the islands showing evidence of the dramatic geologic activity.

Turtle Head can be see from the valley that surrounds our garden. There is an energy vortex there that gives it a powerful presence in the landscape. We understand that there is a ley line that runs from there down through the garden and we feel it when we are in certain areas of the garden, especially the Omega Room. The mountain's contribution to the energy of the Dragonfly Garden is significant and deeply respected.

Turtle Head

In 2006 there was a big campaign to save Turtleback Mountain from development. Islanders donated $18.5 million dollars to save it. Now under the management of the San Juan Preservation Trust, hiking trails have been created for public use. Read more on their website. (Scroll down the page to find Turtleback Mountain).

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